Our mission is to perfect real estate closings.

Snapdocs is a real estate technology company that helps the many participants in a real estate closing work together better through integration and automation.

Real estate is a complex, fragmented pillar of the U.S. economy.

Buying a home takes 60 days and costs over $6,000 in fees alone. It’s a frustrating process not just for the consumer, but for every industry player involved in making the transaction happen.

That’s because these players don’t have adequate tools to collaborate, stay in sync and automate repetitive tasks.

Snapdocs is building the network and platform that removes friction among all of these parties and delivers on the promise of a perfect closing.

One platform. Every closing.

Snapdocs is the only platform that connects all participants on every type of closing.

Join the tens of thousands of mortgage professionals on Snapdocs today.

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Aaron King
Aaron King
CEO, Snapdocs

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Today at Snapdocs, we’re working to perfect real estate closings.

When we succeed, millions of families per year will gain simplicity and transparency as they make the biggest financial decision of their lives: buying a home.

Before we existed, nobody had the unique position within the real estate space to address the problems we’re solving. It’s complex and difficult work, and we measure success by how we’re impacting the industry and not by the number of headlines we generate.

Instead, we're making a difference and carefully building a team that shares our priorities—pragmatism, respect and empathy for our clients, and building honest products that improve people’s lives. I hope you'll consider joining us on this journey.

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